Welcome to the LIVE PICTURE ROOM. Here you will find pictures from the Grannys Studio Pre Labor Day Cookout I and II. Plus you can see live pictures of our artist playing live and recording!!

updated 9/3/0





"Natural Reaction"





"Tim Farley"



"Jim Mo Lee"



"Jeff Norwood"



Okay, I got to post one of the host.....lol......I got to play drums with just about all the groups. It was great. 

Rene took the picture below when he first arrived. The lens is foggy from the humidity but I thought it look cool. Its in the front yard of the studio looking outward and made another good logo pic. Check the ghost car image bottom left (Red Lights). Taillights of a car with long exposure on the camera.



John Weber got a good picture for a logo from the road up the hill. Check it out below.


Now a few pictures of the friendly faces in the crowd. Ill have lots more in the next few days. Gonna start with the "grill man", Ray Mehl. He also provided 4 wheeler golf cart rides.